Ergonomie Intro

Ergonomics. The new lifestyle movement.

Moving and working at the optimum height is good for us, and it’s important that we do so in the right way. Lifting and stretching in the wrong way and long periods of sitting can cause back pain and quickly lead to fatigue. This is a problem that we no longer have to put up with. With our extensive range of products and precise selection of plinth and base cabinet heights as well as worktop thicknesses, it’s easy to find the optimum height in next to no time. Even our standard range includes 37 different working heights from 792 to 1,040 mm. Thanks to precisely measured special heights in the carcase section, there are virtually no restrictions to finding the perfect dimensions for a fully personalised comfort zone.

When cooking with family and friends, static working heights are often a problem. We quickly reach our ergonomic limits. The optimum interaction of posture and elbow height when working in the kitchen cannot be achieved with standard heights and quickly results in poor posture and back pain. Various height-adjustable systems allow you to plan a kitchen ergonomically and with such flexibility that even people of very different heights can work together in a shared kitchen with ease.

The baselift is an electrically adjustable kitchen unit that guarantees optimum working height as an island solution or wall unit with an adjustment range of 100 mm, with virtually no limitations in planning variety thanks to the individual drive units. The plinth lift system raises the working height by up to 200 mm at the touch of a button, taking it into the user’s individual comfort zone, for heights of 1.6 to 2 metres. The robust steel frame construction of the lift system is available in two standard sizes (2,000 x 895 mm and 4,000 x 895 mm) and is also available in individual sizes on request.

There are many benefits to installing an oven or dishwasher at eye level. As well as having back-friendly access, there are also new planning alternatives. Warming drawers are useful additions that would be annoying if positioned near the floor. The space freed up under the sink or hob can also be used for drawers, for example, so you can keep other important items within easy reach.

Ergonomics does not end in the kitchen. It is also important to have good, back friendly posture in the utility room. In the case of washing machines and dryers, for example, the raised position is particularly beneficial, making loading and unloading the appliances practical and convenient.

The innovative iMove wall unit drawer brings pleasant, comfortable ergonomics to your storage. With an elegant motion sequence, your stored goods slide down in
front of the cabinet. Exceptional design, practical use.

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